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Picture It In Stone! - Murals

Picture It In Stone has partnered with B. Bailey, a renowned artist, to produce some exquisite wildlife drawings to be incorporated in a series of laser engraved granite tile murals.  Murals offered include Mule Deek, Elk, Big Horn Sheep, Antelope, Mountain Lion and the ever popular Moose.

Working from your ideas or photographs, Mr. Bailey can also produce a one of a kind drawing suitable for engraving to add a uniqueness to your decor.

Absolute Black Granite provides the basis for the engraving since it has the desired contrast that is needed to bring out the drawing or photograph however other types and colors of stone may be added to enhance the overall mural. Color highlights may also be added by lightly painting over the lasered areas and this is generally commisioned by the customer to a local artist so that the desired result can be achieved.

Mural sizes are custom to your needs so contact us for a quote.  Prices range from $100 a square foot and up depending on the complexity of the artwork and the size of the mural.

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