Picture It In Stone - Laser Engraving to Last a Lifetime

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Laser Engraving Pictures To Last A Lifetime

Laser engraving is the practice of using lasers to engrave, etch, or mark an object. Laser engraving has the ability to produce highly detailed graphic images. Giving you pictures to last a lifetime!

Picture It In Stone uses the latest in laser technology and computer programs to produce high resolution pictures that are engraved into polished black Granite.

The engraving process consists of processing a photograph, either digital or print that has been scanned, through a series of photographic editing computer programs and turning it into a high contrast black and white picture. The picture is then sent to the laser where it is engraved into granite using a laser beam 3 thousands of an inch in diameter. The process is very similar in action to an ink jet printer however instead of shooting out ink, the laser shoots out a beam that evaporates a tiny spot of the engraving surface. And like a printer, the laser can be set to a variety of resolutions depending on the quality of the initial picture. The better the picture, the better the engraving.

Absolute Black Granite is inherently grey below the polished surface therefore the engraved picture will be a muted “black and grey”. The engraved photos are best highlighted with light or placed in bright sunlight. They will not fade or yellow and can be cleaned with non abrasive soap and water. Inside they will last for generations upon generations. If placed outside, as for a memorial, it will take decades to show significant weathering.

Unlimited pictures can be used, with unlimited ideas! Picture It In Stone can engrave just about any picture, on the highest quality black Granite!!

Standard tile sizes that are 5" x 7" and 6" x 6" are $65 and
12" x 12" tiles are $125 with free shipping. We can also create a custom size
mural to fit your needs.

For your unique needs call today!

Picture It In Stone
1002 Frontier Park Avenue
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
(307) 630-7728


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